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Sponsor Agreement

Insider Perks Digital Inc, the British Columbia Lodging & Campgrounds Association, and the BCLCA Ideas Forum collectively together and henceforth known as “Event Producers” and , henceforth known as “Sponsor”, enter into this agreement freely and willingly on December 5, 2022.

Before, during, and after the BCLCA Ideas Forum, Event Producers agree to provide exposure and benefits to Sponsor specific to the package that was paid for on this page of the conference website: https://bc.mycampcon.com/sponsors/.

Should any specific item detailed on the website and part of the package selected by Sponsor become unavailable for any reason, Event Producers will make a reasonable and best effort to substitute an alternative benefit that will be as close to equally beneficial to Sponsor as possible.

Sponsor agrees to provide sponsorship (details below) for the BCLCA Ideas Forum, henceforth known as “Event”.

Sponsor agrees to provide Event Producers with the amount of money they already paid for Event, based on their specific package detailed and chosen previous on this page of the conference website: https://bc.mycampcon.com/sponsors/. Sponsor also agrees, based on their selected package, to deliver to Event Producers any literature, swag box items, or other requested information in a timely manner.

Should Sponsor not have completed electronic payment prior to the signing of this document, Sponsor agrees to mail a check via expedited and trackable Postal Mail for the amount of their chosen sponsorship package.

All other requested conference information such as logo, details on classes, names for lounges, and other information specific to the package Sponsor selected must be received by Event Producers no later than October, 1st, 2022 in order to guarantee inclusion in the Event. 

This agreement represents the only relationship between Event Producers and Sponsor. No other relationship between the two entities exists, implied or otherwise, in relation to the above.

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Signed by Insider Perks Digital Inc
Signed On: August 24, 2022

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